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Monday, September 12, 2011

Would not change my feel for you, love you and only you. Cry on my shoulders, and I will hug you. Hug for make you calm. I will hold your hand. Then. tell me what you feel. And I'll feel what you feel. I want you always happy. I wanna see your smile. I wanna see you happy. Don't cry. Don't be sad. I'm here for you. I always here for you. And I always love you. I'm always yours and my heart too. It always yours.

--Manik Miranti--

Dan, ini adalah Love Quotes yang sebenarnya gombalan gagal bgtbgtan mix dari gue sama Manik.

If you whenever not love me again, my heart is always for you.

If someday you can't see me again, you have to know that I always love you wherever and whenever I am.

If someday your heart had been taken by her, you always in my heart.

You have to know that you'll be in my heart. No matter what they say.

I always feel that I always love you, wherever.... Whenever....

Every time I always think of you. So please stay here with me.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, I'll be right here waiting for you.

I hope you won't make me disappointed.

I can't see you if you were not with me, but every moment in my life my heart is always stolen by you.

Athough you're so far from me, but your heart always be here, in my heart.

If you're so close to me, sore, I can't keep my eyes of you.

--Dwi Sartikasari & Manik Miranti--

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